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Dim Sum (Brief History)

The Chinese word ” Dim Sum ” stands for a great variation of small dumpling and snack. The name ” Dim Sum ” was only obtainable by the emperor and high placed mandarins who could order and afford the cooks of the sometimes-distant regions to perform their cooking-skills.

Throughout the turbulent history of China dynasties and emperors have risen and fallen, wars been fought and foreign powers invaded the country. To escape the horrors of war and oppression, great numbers of the population fled to the southern religions of the vast country. Many of them settled down in the rather peaceful province of Canton far away from the central authorities in the capital. These refugees introduced their local food into the Cantonese kitchen, which made this kitchen one of the most famous in the world.

Nowadays these ” Dim Sum ” delicacies are served in restaurants, eating-houses and booths in Canton and Hong Kong as breakfast. The most recent development of the ” Dim Sum ” is that these snacks are obtainable in the Asian shop and supermarkets. They are very easy to prepare at home and can be served as a special meal for your friends or at a party.

Mei Sum ® is now a part of this legacy. For over 30 years Mei Sum ® is bringing you the best Dim Sum Experience in Europe. In a facility under strict Dutch and European health coderegulations, we are producing Dim Sum for everyone. Every day we put our heart in our products to touch yours.